Mind Officially Blown!

So the sun is out and decided I’d better take my sad tush to the beach for some exercise. I’m listening to JAZZ LAB  when all of a sudden I hear my version of “Just in Time”! Blew me away! Thank You Keith Grant! He has 28,000 listeners!

adrlogonew-11All I want is to get a job singing! Who knows? Maybe someone, somewhere will like what they hear enough to offer me a job!

When You Wish Upon A Star your dreams come true? Ya never know…

15 thoughts on “Mind Officially Blown!”

      1. Pretty good! Got distinctions all around so rather happy with my over-achieving self 😀

        Thanks for asking 🙂

    1. Thanks Sean. I know it’s a drop of water in a very big ocean. But who knows? I had a young actress who worked for me for just over a year as she struggled to find acting gigs. (She had moved here from Texas to join another actress friend who also worked for me. )

      She got called in to audition for a mini series and kept waiting to hear. Finally, 4 weeks later, she’s cast and filming in Canada. She just won the critic’s choice award Ave is nominated for an emmy! (The series is “Fargo”.)

      Point being, you NEVER know! I’m just trying to remain positive and keep moving forward.

      Btw, I tried buying the book about 3 times and kept getting an error message saying I had the wrong zip code! My only guess is I need my postal sort number as well. No idea what it is. I’ll try abs get it today. Have you ever heard this from anyone?

      1. I hear what you’re saying. And that’s great for your actress friend. I’m trying to do similar but sometimes it can be quite deflating…

        As for the book, I really have no idea what to say? People have been able to download it from Amazon, Apple and even Google so maybe, it’s just specific to your account?

        Some people did experience problems. But when they tried again on their laptops/PCs, it seemed to work. Maybe it’s a sign that you shouldn’t read it!

      2. NO WAY!!! I don’t even remember where I went to download it. It was a company in the UK. Never heard of it. The download is available on amazon? That should be easy. I have an account.

      3. Yay!!!! I didn’t know it was in google. I just bought it. FINALLY! Sorry it took so long. I have to get ready for a gig tomorrow. But I will read it over the weekend. I CAN’T WAIT! !!

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