Is There Sex in Heaven?

Having been raised Catholic, when I think of heaven I still see the images from my catechism booklet of Jesus living on a cloud.


Being an adult,  my thinking on all of that has shifted quite a bit.  I’m inclined to think of myself as a “recovering Catholic”.

While I have no intention of going into my spiritual beliefs,  my mind begins to wander while lying in bed.

Let’s say (for the fun of it) that heaven is exactly as it’s portrayed in children’s books. Assuming I get in, I can’t help but wonder….If I’m unable to find a suitable mate in life, will I get a second crack at it in heaven? I wonder if you can have all the great sex you want in heaven and never get tired of it.


And if that is indeed the case, might the same be said of Cheetos without getting tired of them? If so, that could be heavenly!


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