Another Drop of Water in a Very Big Ocean!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m an optimist. I know I’ve taken on a lot by changing careers at 55. Most of my friends think I’m nuts and have jumped ship. But I’m slowly making new friends.

I also know that I’m a tiny fish in a giant sea. But I have the appetite of a whale.untitled

I can’t even begin to explain how badly I want this career and the incomparable joy I get from performing! The only reason I gave it up 30 years ago was all the smoke in bars night after night, impacted my ability to sing.

It’s a rush to be a room full of strangers, who don’t know jack from one another, but they all want to have a good time and put their lives on hold for awhile. When I’m able to get them there, it is an UNBELIEVABLE feeling that far exceeds any amount of money I may have once had in the bank.


Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got BIG DREAMS! I Don’t intend to be broke forever.

I will go down in flames before I give up this fight!!! And if I go down in flames, it will be with an enormous grin on this middle aged face, knowing that I gave it everything I had.

Some days when it feels like it’s taking a big toll, invariably something wonderful like this happens to bouy me back up again.


Last night I received this from Keith Grant, the radio show host and program director for His show is called Jazz In the Lab station #205. Check it out. He puts together a really cool variety of music! And who knows? Maybe I’ll pop up!

I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how this is going to come to fruition. But in my heart, I have to believe it will. I do believe it. And if you think I’m delusional, do me a favor, keep it to yourself!

BeFunky_gene kelly gif.jpg


I’m hoping to get booked at the club where I was married 30 years ago. This old pic is from a contact sheet for Thursday Throwback. My marriage may have hit it’s expiration date but My friendship with Joe, (on the piano) has endured!

BeFunky_Image (5).jpg

I can’t end this piece without mentioning one of my nearest and dearest, Mike. He is the reason my ship is still on top of the water as opposed to being sunk! He’s gone to great lengths to help keep me afloat.  In more ways than I can possibly count. I hope to write about it one day. But not until I get much closer to my destination. Thanks Mike.

Please excuse my overt sentimentality this afternoon.

Yours Truly,


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