That was a chant kids used to say to tease one another when I was a kid. No one said it of me as a kid because I was so skinny that I was frequently mistaken for a boy.

If you read my blog,  you’ll know I don’t have they problem any longer. On the contrary. I lost 50 pounds from simply working out about 2 or 3 years ago. I put 42 back on last winter and have been promising that I was going to get it off.

I rejoined my gym 3 months ago and haven’t set foot in it. I also have a spare bedroom with a treadmill, a mirror, are yoga strap, hand weights and ankle weights. All of which are collecting dust! I’ve also added just for good measure, an electric keyboard, some spare dining room chairs and an ironing board! See where I’m going with this?

It’s not like me to set my mind to something and not go out of whole hog. So I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. This morning while lying in bed thinking of the wasted space that is that bedroom, because I never go in there, it occurred to me there’s a reason for that.

Until about a year ago when my son and his girlfriend moved in together, I had a queen size bed in that room. If you’ve read last post, you know that someone I was seeing, crossed the line in bed. It was in that bedroom. So it has kind of creeped me out to go in there.

Last night I dropped off posters at the theater that I’ll be performing at in February. I have two months to get things tightened up and pulled together. I no longer have the luxury of procrastination or self coddling.

This morning I had a revelation! It’s weird to me that most of my life my favorite color has been green, the color of hope and growth. However a few years ago it started shifting to orange, the color of self confidence and enthusiasm!

That’s the solution! I’m going out now to buy some bright orange paint for the bedroom. Napoleon Hill says that when you feel inspired you have to go with it! I really believe this will be a solution. And oddly enough I’m noticing the color orange everywhere I look in small bits and it genuinely makes me happy.

I’m so confident this will work that I’m going to set aside more pressing matters today in order to paint. I hope it isn’t too overwhelming!

In order to hold my feet to the flame, I’m posting a picture of my existing, rather sad excuse for a workout space.



Stay tuned!!! And wish me luck! I hope this isn’t one of those moments of madness. Post a pic when it’s done.

Btw, this is TRULY a labor of love and self care because I hate to paint!!! (I did all the painting in our house when I was married.)


  1. Good luck with it! I stripped and painted my apartment in Latvia – it was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had! Never again! But at least yours isn’t a Soviet flat so it probably won’t be as bad! 🙂

    1. Thanks. I’m hoping that once I start the color will inspire me…In both ways. It was weird being at Home Depot checking paint chips against a shopping cart. Their logo is in orange. Wanted to make sure I didn’t accidentally pick the same orange. Luckily there is nothing to strip. Why did you have to strip the walls?

      1. Jeez! For all that you should found a treasure map to a pot of gold or the secret to eternal youth painted on the wall. That sounds awful.

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