I’m on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon and Pandora!

“Do what you feel in your heart is right.  You’ll be criticized anyway.” -Einstein

With that in mind, I’m going to start writing again. I’ve been afraid it might hurt my singing career to use my real name. But that thinking is so last century.
So the kid gloves are coming off. If people don’t like it, then no doubt they won’t read my blog or listen to me sing. Life will go on regardless.

When I started all this a couple years ago, I was in a very different place. It’s with that in mind that I plan to write new stuff that I’ve been dying to write about for years,  as well as updates to old posts.

I’ll fill you in later. I can’t Wait!! But right now, I’ve got to get some sleep.

Oh! I did a Christmas CD.   If you’re curious, just google Julie Butler Chanteuse! THAT’S ME!


I know it’s too late for Christmas! But this is one of the things I’ve been up to.




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