When I tried coming up with the title for my blog, words like “Plethora”,” Rainbow” and “Odyssey” came to mind. But that didn’t cut it. So I looked into my history of emails from match.com, POF and OK Cupid for the answer, only to discover well over 1000 in only two years! Suddenly I was reminded of Michael Crichton’s book “Prey”, about swarms of nanotechnology gone wrong. All those dreams of potential love …gone up in smoke. (Admittedly, I extinguished a lot of fires myself.)

I AM NANODATING! (A nano being a fraction equivalent to a thousand million.) (I googled the term it and the only thing that popped up was a broken link about speed dating.) I am officially “coining” this phrase to describe what happens when, after various, and sometimes multiple, means of communication, you anticipate a good connection. Then you meet and he does or says something stupid, or you do, and you find yourself thinking….next! The “dating” or “courting” actually occurs before you meet. The “nano” aspect is the result if how easily we are all dismissed or disposed of in the process. Plsnty more where that came from. Right? Or…so we think.

The range of experience and emotions of dating again after 29 years is significant. There is also the element of thinking “OMG! This guy is fantastic! Then you meet, or text, or talk and in a split second he says or does something, or you say or do something and “POOF!” Is it me? Is it the society of “instant gratification” that we find ourselves immersed in? Does it save time or waste time?

So I intend to share with you my adventures in “Nanodating” thus far, with the hope that one day I’ll have no more stories to tell because I found “him”. Whoever he is… Hope springs eternal! Right?

You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s up with this chick? How can it be that difficult?” Perhaps you’ll tell me. Am I too picky? I don’t think so. Do I give some guys too much rope? ABSOLUTELY! Am I a bit naïve? You tell me !

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