What Is “Pexting” ? (aka) Mom! Is That a Dick On the Dashboard?

Pexting, much like “sexting” is a derivative of the word texting. While “sexting” is sending a text of a sexual nature, a “pexting” is sending a picture of your penis,assuming you have one, usually to someone, as a surprise. I can’t help but wonder what compels a man that you’ve never met or even spoken to before, to send you a picture of his erect penis. I don’t get it. Particularly when it’s unsolicited. Does he think that’s going to close the deal? As though, I might be thinking to myself, he may be a nice guy, but I don’t think he’s really my type. Then suddenly I get a picture on my phone of his “woody”, and I’m going to say,”Oh My God! What was i thinking? I’ve got a get me some of that!” It’s too funny!

What I really love, is when I’ve stated very openly and emphatically,” please do not pext me!” And they all think they are an exception to the rule. There have been times, (particularly with much younger men) when I’ve chatted with someone, just for the sake of chatting and it seemed friendly enough. When I tell them for the second or third time that I think they’re too young for me, suddenly I get a picture of his “manhood”. It reminds me a little of my dog, when he come to me with his tail wagging, and a stick or a toy hanging from his mouth that he wanted me to throw, in order to play fetch!

“But look Julie! Look what I’ve got!” As though I’ve never seen that before. I think if a guy is going to pext you unsolicited, he would be far better off getting my attention if he at least created a little mystery or buzz. Maybe it’s the artist in me, but if I were sending out a picture of my penis (if I had one) I think I would be inclined to want to make it stand out. (Assuming it’s already “standing up!”) So I would have to put it into a photo program and turn it into pop art, or add a sound byte to underscore the picture. Now that has much greater potential because not only would it show off my wares, but it would give you a clue into my sense of the aesthetics, which may in turn peak your curiosity and turn you on!

I do think it’s noteworthy that when I googled “the human penis”, there were 51,900,000 results in a matter of seconds! I think that says it all! What am I complaining about? I’ve only received about 35 or 40!!

In the event you think that I’m being prudish, I assure you I’m not. In fact, I may have played a small bit of “tit for tat” on a very rare occasion. But true to form, I’ve always taken an artistic approach to imagery and my pictures would never go so far as the “undercarriage”.

I’ll venture further to say that I’m a big fan of the penis. But my attraction to it is directly relative to the man it’s attached to. I’m not above feeling compelled to look at a pext, when it was mutually agreed upon at the time. Under the right circumstances, I find it rather delightful as a matter of fact. That being said however, timing is EVERYTHING!

Case in point…

I had enjoyed a rather steamy rapport with Liam. When we first met, we texted or e-mailed intermittently several hours a day. He said I was “like crack”. While we got along famously in bed, we never saw much of each other outside of the bedroom. He lived far away and eventually moved to Florida for work and to be near his parents who were aging.

To say we “hit it out of the park” under the sheets would be an understatement. Both of our lives were in major transition and it was clear that any future there was unlikely. We agreed to go our separate ways. However that didn’t keep us from wanting to relive some of the excitement we had shared together previously.

I was astonished when one day out of the blue, he got in touch with me, telling me that he dreamt about me the night before. Of course the dream was of a sexual nature. That led to some emails being exchanged over the next couple of days. Before long, it escalated to sexting. Then as I was driving somewhere to pick my son up, I received a pext!

I thought , “OMG! I remember that!” At first I giggled because I was completely titillated at the thought of seeing that part of him again. Then my mind wandered to the whole man, and the last night I had spent with him. By now I was a goner.

My son called to tell me that he would be waiting outside. I answered the phone and quickly put Stephen out of my head. I threw the phone in the little console between the two seats. Or what we refer to as the little “CD garage”, because my phone was charging.

Mike gets in the car and we begin chatting immediately about what was going on in his life. Suddenly he shrieks at me,” mom! Is that a dick in the console?”

” What?” I said incredulously. It took me a couple seconds, but then I remembered that Stephen had sent me that lovely picture earlier. I’d forgotten about it because my phone rang so the image was gone. Evidently it popped back up again when I wasn’t looking.

Holy crap! What could I say? I was so embarrassed. And suddenly I felt like a terrible mother. Although my son and I are very, very close, I never intended for us to be that close!

At first I was horrified. And said,” Mike! I’m so sorry.” It took a couple seconds and then he broke out in a fit of laughter. (I think he gets his sense of humor from his mom.)

That made me laugh! I told him I had no idea that it popped up on my phone again because I never would’ve wanted him to see that. Then I decided, fuck it. There’s no point in pretending.

“Michael, meet Liam. Loam, (I said looking at his penis pic) this is my son Mike!” I figure it’s okay because Liam and Mike are never going to meet anyway. But if in the very slight chance they do, Mike will know more about Liam than Liam knows about Mike! LOL.

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