Devin…An Incidental New Year’s Eve Hookup

NewYears eveWe’ve been talking for several months. He’s 37. I’m 54. You do the math! We finally agree to meet.  He drives 200 miles to spend New Year ’s Eve at my place for dinner and cocktails. (Thankfully he’s not much of a drinker.)

Our friendship is based on compassion and empathy. The holidays are rough for him. He’s dealing with the challenges of a custody battle for his 3 year old daughter. I’m trying to get someone out of my head.

Devin makes me laugh. He’s a “country boy”. I’m a “city girl”. But we are simpatico.

The day arrives. I do some last minute tidying up and finish the prep work for the dinner I’ve planned. The bell screeches that someone is at the door.

It’s too late to turn back now. I’m surprised that I’m nervous. I feel a rush of both fear and excitement. It’s oddly stimulating.

I open the door. Standing before me is a young man of 37 smiling, with a boyish face, in jeans and a white turtleneck. I try to hide that fact that I’m suddenly feeling bashful.

“OMG! I can’t believe you’re here! Come in.”

He looks just like his pictures. What a sweet face. I offer him something to drink and immediately set out to make dinner. I’m babbling a mile a minute about god knows what.

Suddenly he grabs me from behind and squeezes me tight! His strength takes my breath away…literally.
“Devin!” I gasp. “What are you doing?” I just met him 10 minutes ago.

“Trying to calm you down.”

“You’re so strong! You’re scaring me a little. Please sit at the bar. Ok?”

He obliges. It also gives me a chance to look at him. Who is this man I’ve invited to spend the night? He’s sensitive, intuitive, funny, a little corny, sentimental, Irish, (uh oh…) and very sweet. He tells me all about his family.

Dinner’s a big hit. (I can cook!) I love listening to him talk about his daughter and the time they spend together. A man who loves his children and takes his role as a father seriously, is very sexy.

We watch the countdown and wish each other a happy new year, laughing at our decision to meet tonight, of all nights. I lean into him as he puts his arm around me. We tease one another and laugh a bit before he pulls me in and kisses me. That first kiss is usually a bit awkward. Maybe it’s the anticipation. The second? Not so awkward. The third…well you get the idea.

Is this really happening? Next up, the bedroom! The final frontier!  He’s so strong. He could overpower me in a heartbeat.  He’s boyish in appearance, but seems to be an old soul at heart.

I get ready for bed. When I come out he’s fully clothed, lying on my bed.


“I don’t want to assume anything. I’m gonna let you decide what you’re comfortable with.”

SCORE! Yes. I confess. Under the right circumstances, reverse psychology works like a charm.

It isn’t long before I notice the pillar being erected in his pants. He removes his shirt to reveal a rock solid body that has a BMI of 3…

Ever see the statue of David in Rome? I have. Well, he’s alive and well in my bed! I had no idea what was hiding under those clothes.david with red hand
“Devin!  You have an amazing body!” Ya. No filter here folks.

“It’s from all the lifting I do at work. I’m actually the smallest guy there.” He’s quite modest about his incredibly sleek, supple mass of muscle. (The guys from work must look like the Orcs in Lord of the Rings.)

Would it shock you to learn that the pants come off shortly thereafter?

The next morning I wake feeling like Alice having fallen through the looking glass. alice confusing I haven’t shared my bed with anyone  in 9 years. And that was with my husband. Devin is a cuddler. It just feels weird.

surprised_expression_womanMy sense of vulnerability is surpassed only by seeing my reflection in the bathroom mirror. YIKES! I have “sex hair and bed head”! A lethal combination.

I decide to primp a bit before waking him. I don’t want to startle the poor guy.

‘Morning! Come and cuddle. Keep me warm.” He said.

I hop into bed to snuggle for a couple minutes. He informs me that he should probably hit the road as he has a three hour drive ahead and snow is on the way. He closes his eyes again.


I sneak into my walk-in closet and I hear him dressing, as I slip into a black corset, stockings, heels and long black opera gloves. Just a little experiment…

I come out of the closet…literally.

“Can I make you some coffee? I’m actually a tea drinker. But I think I have some coffee.”
“Whoa! Damn!”

I giggled.

“I was in a mood and thought I’d throw this on for fun before you hit the road. If you have to take off, I understand. No biggie.”

He grabs me by the hand and pulls me to the bed. I love morning sex! It’s a great way to start the day. Devin agrees.

The dynamic is different this time around. We know more about each other, the pressure is off. It’s fun, flirty, carefree, and playful with a hint of danger. BeFunky_stranger danger perfume.jpg(Sounds like a fragrance I’d like to create!) It was great!

We say our goodbyes and he makes it home ahead of the storm, which did hit. In truth, I don’t really regard this as a hookup. We both craved touch and companionship and got both.

We remain friendly checking in with one another occasionally. He drove all the way to Chicago to help me move out of my office. He’s a good man.

One thought on “Devin…An Incidental New Year’s Eve Hookup”

  1. Ahh that’s sweet.

    Sometimes it’s definitely more a friends with benefits thing than just a hook up.

    Hook up’s I don’t keep in contact with.

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