Texting Holiday

stop texting

So far, so good!!!!

I realize that waking up to a text which calls for a response or immediate action is sometimes like waking up to your dog needing to go out. (This is one of the reasons I don’t have a dog.)

Yesterday I sent a text linking my blog post about a texting holiday to my son and a few friends. Silence… With one exception, “Interesting. ..”

Ever been in a crowded elevator when someone breaks wind? Everyone looks around trying to pretend nothing happened. They just want to flee the scene.

BeFunky_quite texting

That’s been the response to my No Text Challenge.

But that’s OK. I’m loving it…so far.

I’m liking this alot! Should I come to the realization that some of my relationships are held together by little more than short electronic messages, better I find out sooner rather than later.
Texting is also a very sweet way of making someone’s day a little brighter by letting them know you’re thinking of them. I love that. But only if it’s followed by action.

Perhaps I need this hiatus as a wake up call to step away from my computer and get out in the world more often.

We’ll see.

I’m eager to see what I learn over the next two days, if anything.

20 thoughts on “Texting Holiday”

  1. I will say, not being able to use my phone for the majority of the week was refreshing. I’m sure I’ll go right back to crack addict status momentarily. 🙂

      1. Argh…I totally need to get writing on this. lol Seriously, it was awesome. Phoenix smells funny, now, and I want to go back.

  2. That’s a great experience… I’ve done it sometimes and for a long time… my record, until today, was 2 months! 😀
    It’s amazing! 😀

      1. I had to Google phubbing. Great word! (I don’t speak Portuguese and translation want very successful.)

        That’s amazing, going two months without texting. What was that like? I

      2. Yeah. Thanks to google it’s easy. 🙂
        It’s peaceful! Don’t think in mobilephone, don’t wait for any SMS or call. Just perfect, back to old times, without any tech, without this drug. 🙂

      3. That’s very cool. I wish I had it in me to want it that badly. I finished the phubbing post btw. Thanks for the inspiration. I’d forgotten all about that guy.

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