Happy 4th of July! So So Happy!!


I’m so happy and grateful today I feel like my heart could pop out of my chest.

I went into the studio yesterday to record a couple tracks for my website.

It’s a fantastic, cost effective studio owned by a great engineer, who is extremely knowledgeable and easy work with.  My pianist kindly laid down some tracks on an electric keyboard for me. So it’s a “no Frills” recording. But I believe my “frilly” days are ahead of me. I don’t really care. IT’S MUSIC!!! And I got to make music yesterday.  🙂

Anyone else in my position probably wouldn’t have spent the dough. As much as I’ve taught myself about audio and video, I’m light years away from being a pro. I just want so desperately to finish these projects so I can focus on marketing and my body. Both of which need A LOT of attention these days.

I also need to finish fixing my website. Which I’m close to doing. I WANT THIS CAREER SO BADLY!! Nothing would give me greater joy than to sing for a living!!! (Except, a cure for type 1 diabetes, for my son and millions of others. That being said,  if I made big bucks in a music, I would be in a better position to help financially with the cause!!)

I’m also looking forward to the holiday today. I’m up early to bake and cook for a picnic with my son, Anuja and friends, at the lakefront today. (Something I love doing, but rarely get the chance.) I may even attempt to make jello shots.  Never had them before. Should be interesting…

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! Have a fantastic day!

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