This was a totally unexpected surprise!


Talk about being in good company! That’s me in the upper left corner.

Tune in or download later.KG in the Lab

FOLLOW UP…I listened to the show. It’s 2 hours long and they played 12 of my songs! Most of them were recorded with only one take because of cost. ย But it was wonderful!

14 thoughts on “Surprise!”

      1. From your mouth to God’s ear baby! When you get a chance, please read my piece and anti-feminist movement. I’m eager to hear your take on it. I’ve had some very interesting conversations online about it.

    1. Thanks Sean. It’s a Sunday afternoon on a beautiful day, so nor sure anyone will tune in. But, little by little. ..

      I’d love to get your take on my piece about women against feminism, if you get a chance. I’ve had some interesting online chats with ladies as against feminism Ave may do a follow up. Probably not you’re cup of tea, but I’d tow feeling so inclined.

      Also I bought the book last week. But my line had been messed up for months! (Would turn off and on again multiple times. ) new battery just came yesterday. Hope to get to it tonight. I’m sorry for being so slow! You KNOW I’M A FAN THOUGH!

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