22 thoughts on “Auto “Correct” May Be An Over Statement”

  1. Ha ha! And also tut tut at texting while driving – see where that gets you?! I once sent my mam – the weather is fine heterosexual. She was like ??? Obviously I’d meant here but hit t instead of r 😉
    PS. Your son is super cute – if I can say that without sounding pervy!

    1. No you don’t so pervy! I dictated it while driving. Which is what I’m doing right now. So God only knows what this is going to end up saying staying.. As for my son, thanks I think. And thank God he has a great sense of humor

      1. Are you kidding Linda? He would be flattered! You are a cutie. He would love the fact that you’re from Ireland but he’s very happy with his girlfriend, from India who is just wonderful I believe you’re going to meet somebody in Germany

  2. I love your material its funny, serious, and sometimes sexually appealing. You do a wonderful job in bringing your life to your readers. I can definitely relate to this type of auto correct happening to me haha. Would love an opportunity to meet you. -John

      1. I don’t have kids and I came across your blog via the “cupid”. You tagged my profile but I deleted the app from my phone was tired of catfish type individuals

    1. I’m not positive I asked you but you didn’t reply lol all you said was that my profile has been tagged. I spoke about your blog briefly in my message via the cupid

    1. A scammer ? I don’t have any reason to scam anyone lol how can I be dubbed a scammer by saying hi I like your blog lol

  3. Im in the early stages of the famous 30’s time period in life. Trying to avoid the everything is down hill after thirty stigmatism

      1. Haha I know I was hoping for that reaction from you. May we talk on the phone would be nice to converse in a more personal way not to mention the keys oon my smart phone can be a pain to type awayy on

  4. I can assure you I’m not from Nigeria claiming to be born and raised in France with a daughter who sounds 25 🙂 . I’m a chicago arealand man

      1. Well I was intrigued so I continued to read. I train sales reps for different pharmecutical companies

      1. To what end of what ? Can I email you my number ? I’d like to see if we could meet for coffee in the near future

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