Sex Toys…Party of One


There’s a lot of noise about using toys to masturbate, “play the lady harp, tickle kitty, etc. Frankly, I think they’re highly over rated.

To me,  the difference between using toys and not using toys, is like cooking dinner in a microwave v.s. an oven.


The microwave may be faster, but the flavors don’t get a chance to develop and it doesn’t taste nearly as good.

9 thoughts on “Sex Toys…Party of One”

    1. Thanks! I don’t get the obsession. Not to mention the potential to desensitize yourself. The way those things are made these days, you’ll eventually have to graduate a power tools.

    1. Maybe we should tale a poll! Perhaps it’s just a myth perpetrated by Samantha on Sex in the City. πŸ™‚ Although, I guess 3 women, (You, Me and and Linda) is nor much of a random sampling.

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