I haven’t been able to write because I was tied up with lawsuit and the aftermath. I intend to write about what I learned after I receive the check and it clears. All I can say about it right now is,  I hope I NEVER HAVE A REASON TO DEAL WITH AN ATTORNEY AGAIN!

In the meantime, I celebrated my birthday at one of my favorite restaurants. It was such a great night! When I called to make a reservation, I told the owner, (who I’d met previously), that it was my birthday.

To my surprise,  he called in some reggae buds to set up and play in the kitchen. At the end of the night,  they asked me to do a reggae tune. But I don’t know any. So I popped something on spotify. Shortly after I began to sing,  Paula decided to record it on her phone.  So glad she did.

If you read my blog, you know I’ve whined about having gained 42 lbs. 😦 I have to get it off!

In the meantime, I thought I’d post the video for the fun of it.  (All the laughing Started Because “Rasta Kelly” had a very surprised look on his face. He didn’t know I sang.)

So…without further adieu, here I am,  in the kitchen of a great little restaurant called “Badou Senegalese” in Chicago on the night of the big snow. Hope it makes you smile at least. ..


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