Scammers are insidious. They tap into  your desire to find a mate even if it’s a casual one. It’s a bit like being offered a Pringle or a twizzler. Ever have one of those?

Pringles are a kind of funky reprocessed potato chip (no doubt created by an anal retentive or OCD, CEO who requires that all their potato chips look and taste exactly alike.)

Twizzlers are a mediocre red licorice (found in most cinemas in the U.S.) which have just enough flavor to tease you thinking the next one will leave you sated.

They’re both about the promise that never delivers. For example, let’s say you have a healthy diet and you’re trying to watch your weight, when someone offers you a twizzler or a pringle. You’re not even hungry. You think, “What the hell. Its not like they’re so great I’m going to eat a handful. Sure! I’ll have one. Thanks!”

You have one. It’s ok. But both snacks trigger your appetite, but leave you feeling like something must be up with your taste buds because the Twizzler doesn’t deliver quite enough sugar and the Pringle doesn’t deliver quite enough salt to be satisfying. I’ll try one more. That’ll do the trick. I can stop anytime. After all, they agent all that tasty.

Before you know it you’re chowing down in hopes of being sated. Unlike sitting down to a healthy meal that’s been prepared with you in mind, and is loaded with wonderful flavors and textures and just the right amount of seasoning or sweetening, these snacks will never deliver. Because there is no “there” there. It’s the promise that never delivers.

If you’re wondering how an intelligent person is able to be duped in online dating, that’s precisely how it happens. (At least that’s how it happened in my case.) You may try online dating at the encouragement of your friends or for a lark, or (much like buying a scratch off ticket for the lottery) you  can’t help wondering, “could I be one of the lucky ones? Maybe I’m different”.

And most likely, you are different in some way. I’d venture to say the fact that you different probably makes you even more likely to be a sitting duck because you have an open mind and open heart. BINGO! INSTANT TARGET! That is until you begin to see a trend and learn the drill. In my case, I learned the hard way.

I fell for a guy who was supposed

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