Melissa Mcarthy S***s in a Sink and Opens Doors in Hollywood!

Ever seen the movie BRIDESMAIDS? Did you shutter while screamimg with laughter at the sight of Melissa McCarthy shitting in a sink?  I did. Had she not been the extraordinarily, talented actor / comedian that she is, the choice of giving way with diarrhea in a bathroom sink  while wearing an expensive gown, likely would have tanked another woman’s career. But it didn’t tank! It skyrocketed.

I’ve often wondered how much consideration she gave to the possible impact on her career, of being “the fat girl who shits in a sink”.
While I don’t claim to be Melissa McCarthy by a long shot, (and I pray that you don’t  think my writing is shit) the sheer bravery of her choice, (along with the support of one of my dearest friends, Beth) has unspired me republish some of my more recently, unpublished blog posts. (Previously  I’d  gotten cold feet for fear they might negatively impact my singing career…kind of silly because I haven’t been singing much lately .But that’s another story.)

I’m not going to reread and edit these pieces. I’d likke to think I’m a significantly more positive woman these days and re-reading some if them might force me to put them back in the closet so to speak. History should be judeged according to its time. At the time I was an amorous lady and hope to be again one if these days.

So in the event you subscribe to my blog and even take the time to read it (you sweet, wonderful person with great taste) I apologize if your inbox gets flooded with emails over the next few days with older posts. If you haven’t read them,  you might want to take a gander.

Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read my stuff!! I hope you enjoy it.



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