Where Ya Been? (Part 1)

Well… Let’s see. My Life has been FULL of SURPRISES!


SURPRISE #1  My son had an emergency appendectomy last week. Last Sunday I drove my 24 year old son (who is a type 1 diabetic) to the ER for profuse vomiting around 9pm. At 4am they finally checked him in, saying he needed an appendectomy the following day.

SURPRISE #2 I have figure out how to make at least 3k a month in order to stay afloat, STAT! The source of financial assistance I’ve been receiving until my accident settlement, is ending abruptly with the month of May. I’m exceedingly grateful for the kindness and assistance I’ve received and it turns out the delay has created a hardship for another as well as myself, unbeknownst to me! I feel terrible about this!! I love this person very much and had I known, I would have stopped accepting his offer of help long ago and gone back to a traditional job. He kept telling me to focus on staying the course in my efforts to find singing work. So I did!

SURPRISE #3 I’ve never actually done a CV, short of a Theatre Acting resume (written a zillion years ago). Never had to.  I started my biz as a lark, thinking it would last 6 months until I was cast in a show.  I never dreamed it would last  just short of 30 years.

SURPRISE#4 I’m in my 50’s, I started to get a period. NOT good. The day after my son was released from hospital,  I had a gyne appointment

SURPRISE #5 I’ve come down with a bad case of chronic hives from the stress which are only treatable with a medicine from a foreign country! Although it is often used as comic relief in comedies, hives are not really a laughing matter. Granted, it would be cool if my lips blew up to look like Angelina Jolie’s.angelinejolie1-jpgUnfortunately, when it happens I look more like Will Smith in “Hitch”! HitchW-Smith-Allergy-reaction-2-1 (I had to run to the pharmacy around 2am when Mike was in the ER because my upper lip was exploding. When I asked the woman at CVS  where the benadryl was, I was reminded of Austin Powers seeing Fred Savage for the first time in “Goldmember”! She wasn’t clearly trying not to stare at my exploding upper lip!10411The only drug that works, (without without knocking me flat on my ass) is made in New Jersey, but only sold overseas. Decades ago the Pope’s pharmacist, was my “supplier” for Zaditen.  Novartis (The drug company) abandoned the FDA approval process because they developed a better drug for asthma in kids. However, it’s perfect for hives! But you can’t get it in the U.S. Thanks FDA. I haven’t needed it in about 20 years. I do now!


SURPRISE #6  I quit the gym months ago (causing me to put on most of the weight I lost). Soon I stopped working out altogether.  NOTHING FITS other than one old pair of jeans and some workout  wear. I gave away all my “biggie” clothes!

No. This is not me! But this is how I feel.


So, in other words, HOW WAS THE PLAY MRS. LINCOLN? Mary_ToddReady to turn the gun on yourself yet?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I apologize for what sounds like whining. It’s more about full disclosure. I LOVE WRITING THIS BLOG!!! I’m so grateful to those who take the time to read it. It’s been a life changer for me.

I know my body is screaming at me trying to get my attention. Trouble is figuring out to what end? The way I’ve completely gotten rid of hives before is to find my bliss in that very quiet place, deep in my mind and soul. It may sound like I’m about to eat and “Earth shoe”.kalso-earth-shoes-with-box Trying to find “a quiet place” in my head right now is a bit reminiscent of the father screaming at his kids to “SMILE Dammit” for the family portrait.

You can see how well THAT works…

Years ago I was on vacation playing catch with my son and his dad on the front lawn of a cottage we’d rented. I was so undeniably content. I went in to take a shower and knew, that although I’d had hives for years, the “storm” had passed and I could stop taking the medicine. I could feel it. I stopped that day. They didn’t return until many years later when it was triggered by latex powder.


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