My Polar Fat Cap!

OMG! Winter is finally over. As of March 1, city crews had already filled 240,000 potholes, with thousands more to come. It’s worse than ever. NO doubt it’s the result of in-climate weather.chicago+pothole+lou+perez

However, I have a a theory of a contributing factor as well… The Collective Weight Gain!

EVERYONE I’ve spoken to this winter has complained of weight gain. NO EXCEPTIONS! Even the slimmest and trimmest fell prey to the comforts of a sedentary form of sloth.

Not even Michael Jordan was exempt!

The other night I was in bed and looked down at my “tummy” (Notice the discreet choice words? Ya. That’s for my benefit.) HOLY CRAP! Where did all that come from?

I saw it creeping up on me. But knew that the core beneath it was still strong and hard. So I let it pass, thinking, “You can get that back. Wait til spring…”

Famous last words! I waited and waited and waited… (Whoever thought it would take this long?) While I was waiting, my core was swallowed up like a villain in quicksand in a Tarzan movie! DAMN!BeFunky_quicksand-sinking.jpgI’ve developed a (what I like to refer to as) POLAR FAT CAP! That makes sense doesn’t it? We all kept hoping for spring and when it didn’t arrive, we made some lovely comfort food for friends and family… and ate it!BeFunky_mac-cheese.jpgUnlike the polar ice cap, this cap is in serious need of melting!! I’m reminded of the polar ice cap because I know that underneath all that ice (fat) there lies muscle it just needs to be mined. I was appalled to see just how thick my cap had become. JEEZ GIRL!BeFunky_polar ice cap.jpg

I found this BMI chart. (Although I don’t really put a lot of faith in those things. It’s a good visual.) I like the look of 30%.fat2fit-crop1Actually, I don’t really look like any of these ladies. And that’s fine by me.

I could get surgery…Yikes!removing_fat_capBut that’s not my scene at all!

I just want to feel strong again and get rid of as much visceral fat (the stuff lurking deep) as possible. I never want go through this again! EVER! I deserve better and wish I had taken the time to treat myself treat myself accordingly. But, it’s never too late!

Everything happens for a reason! I’m on a mission to shake things up. Wish me luck!!!

Thanks, as always for reading, commenting and sharing! How about you? Did you tip the scales ahead or behind this winter? Care to join me in my journey?

8 thoughts on “My Polar Fat Cap!”

  1. Oh that polar ice cap picture had me laughing so hard! Because it’s all so true, mine’s like that at the moment too!

    I’m trying to find my motivation, but I think it’s behind the couch with jebus so we all know how well that’s going to go down!!

    Good luck on getting rid of the excess!

    1. Haha! Thanks Sharn. I got on the treadmill this afternoon and Holy crap! It’s like there’s honey coursing through my veins instead of blood. I quit after a half mile.

      Gonna set my talking alarm to say “get your ass on the treadmill before tea!” Lol

      1. You can do eeeeettttt!

        I just need to hit the pavement more.

        So hard to leave house once I’m home though!

      2. Yes its actually being able to get into the habit that I find the most challenging!

      3. Right? They say it takes 20 days to create a habit. I’ll be happy with 6 consecutive. I’ll figure it out somehow. I have a second motivation, it’s great for adhd.

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