Keep Your Sunny Side Up!

Remember this old PSA put out by Partnership for a Drugfree America? THIS IS YOUR BRAIN. This is your brain THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS …With a side of bacon. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Who can resist bacon?) your brain on drugs with bacon on the side

My life is a bit of a cluster**** right now. That being said, I’ve discovered that remaining positive requires discipline.

Remaining fearless in the face of adversity is even more challenging. As children we’re taught that fear is a good thing. I CRY “FOUL” TO THAT LINE OF THINKING!

BeFunky_FOWL.jpg Oops! Wrong kind of foul… Let’s try that again. I CRY FOUL TO THAT KIND OF THINKING! PUBLISHED by catsmob.comMany might argue that children need a healthy fear of fire. BALONEY! Kids learn that fire can be dangerous by cause and effect. It only takes touching a flame once to understand this. After all, they’re babies. Not morons!

I’ve discovered that remaining positive (particularly when it feels like you’re standing at the foot of a tsunami) is like the coating or insulation found on  electrical wires. Just like the wires, your brain needs to be insulated from crappy thoughts! With that in mind,  this would be my PSA…

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN… WITHOUT STRESS OR NEGATIVE PROJECTING… (Notice the lovely, colorful coating on the wires?) INSULATED WIRESOr (if you’re ADHD like me) THIS IS YOUR BRAIN… Just as colorful, but a little messy. PRETTY INSULATED WIRESThis is what happens to the wires when you engage in NEGATIVE THINKING OR SELF TALK. BeFunky_FRAYED.jpg …TOO MUCH OF THAT CRAP CAN LEAD TO THIS! OverloadOR, IF YOU’RE NOT CAREFUL, YOUR BRAIN COULD END UP LIKE THIS! YIKES!! Tesla_coil_in_terrarium_(I)With that in mind, I’m on a mission to retrain my brain! FEAR is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME, BREATH AND ENERGY. Hell! It’s not like we really have any control over anything but our thoughts anyway. The rest is a merely an illusion . Right?

I WANT TO BE MORE LIKE THIS LITTLE GUY! HE’S GOT THE RIGHT IDEA.  His face is about completely unbridled joy and fearlessness!! This little fella isn’t OBSESSING about ANYTHING! I LOVE THAT!!!BeFunky_Funny-Baby-Pic-3.jpgI’m gonna think of this little guy as my brain. I would never want to harm this little cutie! But we beat the hell out of our brains. Don’t we? If I take in stress, and negativity what do I end up with? A BOATLOAD of CORTISOL, the stress hormone!! Would I really want to turn this little angel into a fat, stressed out, unhappy, possibly addicted, unhealthy person? HELL NO!

You would want him to feel safe in the world so he can acquire the skills and confidence to navigate life’s up and downs. (Did you know that babies who get their needs met in the first 3 years of life learn to trust the world and are better equipped to handle life in general? So much for the “Spare the rod spoil the child” nonsense!!!)

They say it takes 20 days  make or break a habit. I can’t think that far ahead. Gonna take it a day at a time. WISH ME LUCK! I love hearing your comments. Thanks for sharing, tweeting, reading, commenting etc. It always makes my day!

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