Bacon Doesn’t Count!


Ever notice that there is no plural for the word BACON? You don’t eat 2 bacons. Right? So who’s counting?

The same can be said of butter.


“Would you like butters on your popcorn?”

No one would ask you that!

I began cooking for 8, from Julia Child’s first cookbook when I was 12. She taught me well.


There is a plural for donut. Just ask Homer! (Personally I’m not a fan of the donut.)

Last but not least, ice cream.

“Would you like some ice creams for dessert?”

Don’t think so.

Why is that?


No one wants to have to count the really good stuff when it’s more fun just enjoying it!!!

15 thoughts on “Bacon Doesn’t Count!”

      1. No I love salty. I just don’t like the taste of it. Just tastes… Ugh.

        My food vice? Not sure I have one. I only crave chocolate & steak once a month.

        I’d sell my soul for sushi though.

      2. Oh I’ve had it for dinner for weeks in a row Lol usually I do switch it up though so some nights it’s vegetarian, some nights it’s fish/chicken/etc..

      3. It is! You needs to come visit and I’ll take you to some out of this world sushi houses!

      4. Ever since I learned you love tea, I’ve been meaning to tell you about this place. I sang at a teahouse owned by a well known rocker. The teas were expensive. But OMG they were off the charts!!! I bought the stimulus hot, which actually had me giggling two sips in. Really! I found out where this guy gets his teas. (Weirdly enough, he’s in my old office building.) Check it out when you can. The rare tea cellar in Chicago. If I were still flush, I’d love to send you some. Sadly, those days are behind me, for now. ..

      5. Thanks for the thought, that’s what really counts!

        I’d love to see the wares!

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