“Prince Liam” Returns…and With A Poof He’s Gone!


Imagine my surprise the other day when I was taking a break at the lakefront, and I received an email from “Prince Liam” in Florida, after a year of no contact.

Me: I got an email with an attachment from you. Didn’t open it. Figure your email was hacked.

Liam: No. Just a selfie.

Me: ???? (I open the email. He’s right! JUST a selfie. Not a single word. Just a pic of him standing alone in a public bathroom at work,  looking trim, but very serious.)

Me: Sweet. You look great! (I left out the stressed, unhappy and years older part.)

Liam: Thanks.

Me: But you always looked good to me. (This was true.)

Liam: Thanks.  Back to work. :pp……. (I had NO idea what that emoticon even meant! Call me stupid. It’s just not a big part of my vernacular.)

WTF! What was that all about? I haven’t heard from this guy in about a year. Was he slumming?

I hesitated whether or not to even respond to the pic, knowing full well that he may enjoy that more than a response. Then I thought “be nice”. Don’t play games! (Frankly, my position is that role playing outside of the bedroom, makes for a very poor foundation of a relationship.) Maybe I just don’t want a relationship that badly.

Sex with him was great. But this is where the oxytocin release during sex can addle a girl’s brain! (Oxytocin being the “happy hormone” released in the brain during sex which causes bonding.)

Why do women have to over-think everything? I could go nuts trying to analyze the look on his face in the pic, or his motivation for sending it. Why no smile? Is he looking for “a fix”? Is he stressed? Does he miss me? Is he just bored? Is he looking for sexting?


In truth, the only question of any significance here is, WHO CARES?

If he can’t be direct and make some attempt to communicate other than sending a pic, what’s that all about? He once told me (referring to Mike) you deserve so much more than that. But what is he offering?

This is one of those few times that I absolutely HATE being an optimist! I often miss the obvious, or give too much rope only to find myself hanging from a tree!

10 thoughts on ““Prince Liam” Returns…and With A Poof He’s Gone!”

  1. I don’t even know what that emoticon means and I use a lot of them!

    And how… Well awkward. I’d be like… Umm that’s nice but why?

    I’m a bumberling idiot when it comes to things like that and will often ask Wtf is for lol

      1. I know. Glad he sent the pic instead of just an email. He’s 10 years younger than me. But after a couple years in fl, he looks my age. Lol. Poor boy.

    1. I should have asked why! The other night out of sheer boredom, I emailed him. No response. Funny thing? He should have stuck around and given us a shot. Cuz damn, he looks so much older! !

      1. There’s always a lot of shoulda woulda coulda.

        His loss and I’m sure it just means that he wasn’t right for you more than anything else!

      2. Thanks Sharn. I have no regrets about being nice. I was always taught “make the mistake of extending your hand”. Guess it stuck. When I wrote to him, it was just a newsie letter. I had no investment in his responding. I could care less.

      3. My trouble is I give people to much rope. Sometimes out of curiosity. Funny when they hang themselves. Not so funny if I get hung. Lol. Ah well. C’EST la guerre, ou vie.

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