I realize that ever since Mike came back into my life, I’ve been trying to compartmentalize it and it sucks!!! It started after I discovered that, in spite of things he told me and his acceptance, the attention and kindnesses (which I’ve grown to love him for) he has no intention of ever being in a relationship with me or anyone else ever again. That’s when it began.

We still spoke everyday and I only fell more deeply in love, to no avail. I thought, (seeing as his one kiss kicked my libido into high gear) that I would get online and pass the time with other men, hoping I might meet someone to take mind off him. 

That didn’t work out so well. So I thought I could get my physical needs met elsewhere, but my heart was his, in spite of the fact that he didn’t ask for it.

In all this time, I also decided to give up my business.

Then I started blogging. ..

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