Can You Stop Texting for Two Days?

Pecan-Chocolate-Espresso-Coffee-Cake040512014PSE“Texting is NO way to communicate with someone that matters to you!  Pick up the phone OR go see your friend!”

chastising a texting kid

That’s what I used to tell my son 10 years ago when he was in high school. I was somewhat relentless, to no avail of course.

Fast forward a few years. Mike is looking at the cell phone bill.

“Mom! Texting is NO WAY to communicate with someone! You have over 3000 texts on the phone bill. That beats me!!” (That includes received as well as sent.)

How did this happen? Albeit, my texts were both a convenient tool for communicating with my staff while often serving as a source of entertainment. (I never proof. Once I texted saying I was running late for a meeting because “Thongs are too tight”, instead of things.)

girlscoutWhile once thought of as a practical way to get in touch regarding schedules etc., it’s evolved into a whole other animal.

My son advises me never to text more than 2 sentences to a guy. (in my dreams…) Their attention span isn’t that long. (Gay men/friends are exempt. It’s not unusual for us to share a few paragraphs over the phone. But was also talk regularly.)

There is no tone in the voice of text, making it very easy to misinterpret. (Probably more so for women, considering our brains are comparatively more analytical.)

watign for a text

In many cases texting has evolved into the litmus test of a relationship, new or old. We all know it! When texts are up with someone you’re sweet about, life is good. When he/she goes radio silent, it sucks!


waiting for the promise of something...
Waiting for the promise of something…
if I text you
Is this really true? I doubt it.

Then there’s the phenomenon of Sexting, Pexting and Vexting! I’ve had fun sexting for the shock value when it was new. Now I see it for what it is…the ultimate cowards’ way out of intimacy. (For the record, I’ve never vexted!)

How did we get this way? Maybe it’s the mentality that “the grass is always greener”. Don’t like what’s going on around you?

Hmmm… I wonder what Mary’s up to later.

I suspect we’re creating generations of ADHD kids if only by the default.

In our culture, texts have replaced talk. When did we become so devoid of sensitivity and manners?

Responding to a text with a phone call invariably causes a reaction of either panic, joy or misery. REALLY? It’s just a phone call. When did we all become so timid?

Why are some people intriguing enough to text, but not spend time with? So often we discover the bond established in texting is little more than a fantasy.

what-really-truly-grinds-my-gears-6_o_2333003Ever watch people while texting? They often look like birds, pecking away at the little crumbs of information, affection or gossip, eager to see what comes next.

Distracted Girls Texting

See any similarities?
See any similarities?

After Bell’s voice was first heard by Watson on June 2, 1875, it was said that one of the cultural casualities of the telephone was the Art of Letter Writing.

Can we afford to have the Art of Conversation suffer in the same way? Is that where we’re headed?

Doesn’t this look tasty? Care to join me?

In my mind texting amounts to little more than crumbs when compared to real human interaction. Maybe because the latter involves real effort.

I WANT MORE THAN JUST CRUMBS EVEN IF IT’S ONLY FOR 2 DAYS!!!!! Don’t you? I don’t need the whole damn cake. I don’t even necessarily need a slice (although that might be nice.) However, I would like a bite, then I’ll decide if I even want cake!

That being said, I’m going to try TWO DAYS WITHOUT TEXTING STARTING SATURDAY. (I’ll have to text a link of this post to friends. :)) I CHALLENGE YOU to do the same. Are you game?

BeFunky_Cellphone-etiquette-pic.jpg Try it! I DARE YOU! NO EXCUSES. Think you can?



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