Is It a Sign or Six Degrees of Separation?

signs560Last night I had a singing gig at a senior center. My son Mike and his GF, Anuja joined me.  Nuji was in the audience. Mike was onstage with me.

It was the first time we’ve ever done a show together. It was Fantastic!!! We had so much fun. So did the audience. We all sang. We laughed about the roles of moms and their kids. It was the BEST time.

Mike rarely has a chance to be around older people. (“Older” meaning octogenarians and up..) The amount of history in that audience last night was staggering!!

I’ve been estranged from my sibs for years, by choice. That being said, my friends are “my family”. My son, being an only child, has adopted the same attitude about friendship. (So I have three “surrogate sons” who I adore.)

One of the things I loved about last night was, I felt like we were performing for family. After the show, we introduced Anuja, and they adored her almost as much as I do.

I intend to find a way to make a healthy living in the music business.  Although performing at senior centers was never part of my plan, last night not only felt amazing, it felt RIGHT.

I have NO INTENTION of giving up on my dream. (Particularly considering what I gave up to pursue it!) I want a full size career! (I’d also love to write a book. But that’s another story.) Why?

I’ve always wanted to be able to reach people through music, while making a decent living at it. To be able to inspire joy or new ideas as countless have inspired me, is my passion. Music helps us survive some of the crappiest of times and helps us to remember some of the very best of times!

Case in point… 

Eppley Auditorium on Culver Campus

One summer I went to a theatre program at Culver Military Academy. I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of that house! While there I met a boy who became my first love. He worked in the theatre department. I was intrigued the minute I laid eyes on him. He taught me how to play “Colour My World” on the piano. Soon after, I was a goner.

His interest and support helped to pull me out of despair and kicked my passion to perform into high gear again! (I used to take over the stage when no one was around and pretend I was “La Streisand” in Funny Girl, belting out “I’m the Greatest Star!” BIG TIME NERD…I know.)

tumblr_m4n9e389VJ1qlba55o1_500After leaving Culver I never saw him again… until 37 years later.

We found each other through linked in. While we are not “together” I am close to him and love him in a way I never dreamed possible. It was as much a surprise to me as the love you feel for your child, which you can never conceive of until it happens.

BeFunky_friendbymyside.jpgOnce again, his unwavering support and belief in me has fueled my journey in the the unknown.

What are the chances? 37 years with no contact and then one day he appears from miles and decades away? Is it a sign?

After the show last night, we visited with some audience members.

It turns out, Lillian (seated in the front row) shares a birthday with Mike. Only she will be a century old when he turns a quarter century! (she doesn’t look a day over 75.) What are the chances?

I also met the mother of an Academy Award winning actress. Oddly enough, her daughter was working with the National Theatre of the Deaf, part of O’Neill Theater Center, when I was there as a student.  HOW WEIRD IS THAT?

I’m reminded of the joke where a very devout man drowns in a flood. He arrives at the pearly gates pissed off an disillusioned.

MAN: God! Why am I here? Why didn’t you warn me?

GOD: Well, hmmm, let’s see. You saw the warnings on weather channel. I sent in evacuation people 3 times! Once in a police car, then a canoe, then a helicopter when the floods came! You chose to ignore them all!

I’m not sure if these things are signs or blessings. I see them as both. All I know is, I am learning to live in the moment and that’s worth every dime I gave up to pursue this dream!!

One last point… while it took awhile, I know that my dad always regretted that night. I forgave him. 10 Years later he illustrated his remorse by sending me a guitar. I never played it. That chapter was over. So I had it restrung for a “lefty”… Mike plays it regularly!

And on that note, here he is! I think he should audition for Idol before he’s too old. What do you think?

I shot this in his apartment the day when I came to help him pack up to move. Invariably we end up talking about music… so I told him to play me a tune.



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