I’ve been dealing with the death of someone in my life recently, which I never saw coming. It’s been very confusing and was draining the neck out of me.

Had I not tripped across the teachings of Mike Dooley, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Esther Hicks, Jack Canfield (and a few other “enlightenment gurus”) about a year ago, it might have mowed me down for good. But it hasn’t.

It’s still a struggle from time to time, but if (like myself) you’re a believer in the law of attraction, you know that out of every lousy situation comes another one of exponentially equal or greater benefit to you. I’ve found this to be absolutely true. (I look forward how it will unravel in this particular case.)

In my efforts to preserve my sanity and sense of enthusiasm for life, I’m watching tons of “the gurus'”you tube videos ( A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get the job done.)

I’m listening to an Abraham Hicks video one day, when (in reference to abundance) Esther says, “You don’t go out to the balcony every morning and take in enough air to last you for the day for fear that there won’t be any because it’s been all sucked up by everyone else.”

While it’s true that no one in their right mind would believe that it’s necessary or possible to consume all the air you’ll need for the day at once, I’m inspired by that visual image. The image of breathing in air as though it’s filled with an object (of sorts), is palpable to me.

While listening to Eckhart’s guided meditation video, once I’m in a quiet, still place, I find myself imagining the air filled with the purest essence of prosperity and proceed to take in a deep breath.  It fills my lungs and oxygenates my blood with filled with air that is permeated with the essence of abundance and prosperity.

The next breath of air is the pure essence of gratitude. The next is strength, then great health and fitness. The next is filled with people who love to hear me sing. This is followed by people appreciating my writing. Get the idea?

The end result is a feeling of completeness and ease. As though the world is unfolding beautifully for me, in spite of the “air bubbles”, (which if  allowed them to take me over, could strangle me. That isn’t good for anyone.)

If you need a visualization to go along with it, envision the air filled with various colors of mist or smoke, e.g., green for health, pink for romance etc.

It may sound a little crazy. But why not give it a shot and see what happens? The day after I did it, I received an unexpected surprise direct deposit into my bank account. So, I’m planning to make it part of my meditation routine.



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