Black Tuesday?? 

Yes! It’s been ages since I’ve written because I’ve been working on a  few other things…LIKE THIS!!! 

(Be a sport? Please watch my silly  video!!!)

Julie Sings Chipmunks Christmas

Last year I released a Christmas CD on Dec. 10. Which allowed me very little time for promotion. SO HERE I AM GIVING IT MY BEST SHOT!!!

Because I haven’t been writing and have had little time to read what some of you have been writing, I’d love to give you a FREE DOWNLOAD OF MY CD Until some time on Weds, not only to thank you for your support, but in hopes that if you like it,(or a couple of songs on it) that you’ll share it with someone! Or tell them about it! Or play it for Grandma…maybe she’ll like it!

Anyway, it’s :1:30 am on Tuesday morning, so I’m calling it a BLACK TUESDAY PROMO! (In truth, it will likely be free ’til the end of the week in the event I forget to go in and change the price.)

So PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!! If you really like it, help a girl out? PLEASE leave a quick review.


I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! (In truth, life has been so completely whacked the last several months that I’m still debating how to tell the story without having to relive it. Cuz it’s a doozie!)



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