Oscars 2017… A Sign of the Times?

​”Out of every negative comes an exponentially equal or greater positive” -Napolean Hill

I’m SO looking forward to the Oscars tonight, (not only for the politics which will undoubedtly erupt as a show of free speech) but because of the diversification of the nominees. 

When I first saw LA LA LAND I was exuberant, thinking it should sweep because of the joy factor. (Worse things could happen in a theatre than leaving happy.)

Then I saw HIDDEN FIGURES, MOONLIGHT and FENCES. (I’m disappointed I couldn’t see LION in time.) I’ve never been a fan of Denzel since he left St. Elsewhere, as I saw him as a consummate “mugger” like Tom Cruise. But the stellar Viola Davis has clearly elevated his game, because he disappeared in the role and was wonderful. 

Much like Streisand elevated Nick Nolti’s acting in Prince of Tides and Penny Marshall with Tom Hanks in, access and diversity changes the game for everyone.

Not having seen LION yet, I’d have to say my choice for best picture is HIDDEN FIGURES. When I used to throw big catered Oscar parties with a pool every  year, we often did 2 ballots, our personal choices to win, and our predictions. I hope they coincide this year.

Regardless, going back to Hill’s quote, it was really messed up that SELMA was snubbed so badly. But look at what has come of it, more diversity and AMAZING FILMS. (The acting in the final scene in Moonlight took my breath away.)

With that in mind, I have great hopes that while the political pendulum we are living with at the moment is massive and heavy and may take time to move, once it builds up speed, it will be fierce and unstoppable. It’s just nature at its finest. I hold to that thought and look forward tho the day. 

In the meantime,  I hope Trump is burnt orange by the end of the night. This should be fun!

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